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Saturday 5 September 2020

Top C# Programs for Interview

As I got several emails regarding the help for the Interview, so, I decided to share the programs that are asked during the interview. These programs also help you in an understanding of the problems/algorithms in the easiest way. I will update the programs every week so stay tuned. You can also write an email (or comment in the comment box) to me for any specific program required.

Top C# Program for Interview:

S.No.C# Interview Programs
1Reverse a Number in C#
2Reverse a string in C#
3FizzBuzz in C#
4Program to find Factor of a number in C#
5Program to Swap two numbers in C#
6Program to find the occurrence of the character in a string in C#
7Program to find factorial of a number in C#
8Program to check a string is Palindrome in C#
9Program to check a number is Palindrome in C#
10Program to find the HCF of two numbers in C#
11Program to generate Floyd’s Triangle in C#
12Program to Count Vowels and Consonants in a string in C#
13Program to check whether the entered year is Leap Year or Not in C#
14Program to remove the duplicate character from the string

I hope these programs will help you in cracking your interview.



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