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Saturday 1 September 2018

7 Good Reasons to Use SysTools SQL to Azure Migration Tool

Nowadays, most of the businesses are migrating from on-premise SQL Server database to cloud-based technology. For this, Microsoft Azure is the perfect platform and it is completely cloud-based. It comes with various benefits such as high availability and scalability, advanced-level security, low maintenance cost and much more.
So, brace you in advance, SysTools SQL to Azure Database Migrator to migrate SQL Server database to Azure. In this technical review, we are going to describe all the technicalities of SQL Server to Azure Migration tool along with its working. So, let’s start with a quick glance on software.

SysTools SQL to Azure Database Migrator – Product Overview
It is a commendable tool to safely migrate SQL Server database to Azure SQL Server. Apart from this, it is also focused on to move an inaccessible or corrupted database to Microsoft Azure. Also, users can view all the database objects and verify the components before the migration process.

In fact, the software is designed with superior features that only require to select or check and the entire process will perform automatically. Below, the software configuration is mentioned:

Technical Specification of Software

Striking Features of SysTools SQL to Azure Migration Tool 

In the following section, we will describe the functionalities of the tool along with pictorial representation.

1. Scan Corrupt SQL Server Database 
When the user tries to add the MDF file, you will find a Scan Mode.  Moreover, the scan mode is also further classified into two parts:
Quick Scan:  This mode handles the minimum corruption in SQL MDF file. Within a few seconds, it uploads all the database files on the software interface.
Advance Scan: This is an incredible feature that repairs highly damaged or corrupted .mdf/.ndf file.
2. Automatically Find SQL Server Version 
The SQL Server to Azure Database Migrator software is designed with the highly advanced algorithm that automatically detects the SQL Server version. One can only need to select the box corresponding to Auto detect SQL server file (.mdf) version. Otherwise, users can also select the version manually.
3. Preview Database Objects Before Migration
With the help of SQL to Azure migration tool, users can view the records of MDF and NDF files on the software panel before migrating them into the Azure database. Besides this, it provides the facility to view Table, Rules, Stored Procedure, Keys and all other components. 
4. Complete Conversion of SQL Database to Azure Cloud:
With the help of software, the users are able to move complete SQL Server database to Azure database without any hassle. In the Migration Options page, one can only need to mention the Azure Server name, Login credentials in the appropriate boxes as shown in the screenshot. Then, click on Connect to authenticate the Azure SQL Server account. Once the green tick is shown just parallel to Connect Options, it means the connection is established. Now, users are free to move the database from SQL Server to Azure.
5. Move Only Schema or Schema & Data 
Software offers two options to migrate the SQL Server data:

  • With Only Schema: This option only creates a schema for the selected database objects.
  • With Schema & Data: This option will allow you to export schema as well as data to Azure database.
6. Save SQL to Azure Migration Report
Once the process gets completed, there is an option to download the migration report in CSV format on the local system. To do so, one can only need to click on Close, a pop-up message appears and click on Yes to download the report.
7. Intuitive User Interface for Easy Migration
When you will start the software, a welcome window will display on the screen with a number of options. As you see the interface is very simple and straightforward and all the icon is visible on the screen. So, any naive or non-technical person can easily handle the software without any manual or training.
Observational Verdict
SysTools SQL to Azure Database Migrator is a reliable and cost-effective software that successfully moves a database from any SQL Server version to Azure cloud database. It simply offers fast-speed, user-friendly interface, and lots of incredible features that make the complete process so smooth and facile. Surely, the users will never be disappointed with this software.

Note: This article is only for informational purpose. The author posted a free review of the product(without any benefit from the product’s company). Please check more details (download, pricing, support etc.) about the product on the Product’s official website.

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